Fine Adornments


Hi, I’m Aimee – troublemaker, blogger, jewelry maker, baker, small business owner, book junkie, coffee-holic, music fiend, and cat enthusiast. Ever since I can remember I’ve been attracted to the more creative side of life. Maybe it was all the Masterpiece Theater I watched as a kid (I can still remember that snake moving across the mosaic backdrop in the I Claudius intro). You name it I’ve probably done it, drawing, painting, sculpture, knitting, feltingā€¦ I’ve always had the passion to create.

These days I’m a wrap bracelet making chica. Blame it on Chan Luu I suppose. I always like to put my own spin on things though and that’s why I make most of my bracelets with vintage buttons. A selection of my stock can be seen in a pile pictured above. I don’t know how many of you remember The Secret of NIMH, but just like Jeremy I have a hard time resisting a sparkly and Swarovski crystal buttons provide plenty of sparkle in some of my bracelets. I know that I’m only at the precipice of this jewelry making journey. There are so many beautiful materials out there I can’t wait to use.

Let’s see, a little more about me…I’m from New York, I’ve lived all over the US but still love New York, my first music tape was the Eurythmics “Be Yourself Tonight”, my favorite cupcake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting, I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since I was at least three, the picture on my calendar the month before I started high school was titled “At the foot of Mount Doom” – you can guess how much I enjoyed my time there, in case it wasn’t obvious from my last point I’m a Tolkien fan, sorry kids but I’m not into sports, I have a love/hate relationship with housework, did I mention I’m crazy for cats? – we have four, I live with my Mom, my “stranded on a desert island” film would be The Big Lebowski hands down.

Since these digs are still new, I’m not quite sure all that you may find here. I can guarantee that food, music, and laughter will be providedā£